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Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Website, New Reasons to support Civil War Preservation Trust

As most readers of this blog are aware, this publishing house sprouted its earliest roots in Civil War titles. Long before it was fashionable in many circles, we raised money for preservation, tried to raise awareness, donated books and money, and did all of it proudly.

Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT), with its own roots largely seated in The Association for the Preservation of Civil War Battlefields (read about its genesis here), has been at the forefront of preservation for many years. It has saved thousand of acres of priceless land that, once lost, can never be replaced. We partnered with CWPT last year in the very successful effort to save the core of the Champion Hill battlefield, and look forward to working with that wonderful organization again in the near future.

CWPT has a new cutting edge website, which you can see here. On it, you will find hours of reading material, and one of the best flash presentations of a battle anywhere. The current action depicts first day of Chancellorsville here. If, like me, you have never quite fully understood Day 1 of that important engagement, watch the map.

Savas Beatie is pleased to announce that, after a phone conference with CWPT's Rob Shenk, we have agreed to provide content (articles, excerpts, interviews, etc.) to CWPT to help attract visitors and hopefully, help them raise money.

TEN PERCENT: We also have an arrangement with CWPT to forward 10% of any book purchased through our website. Just make sure you put CWPT in the coupon code box.

Please support this worthwhile organization any way you can.

Thank you.


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