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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Off to Book Expo 2008 in Los Angeles

I had hoped to post another segment on the Unappealing Byproduct series, but will not be able to do so before leaving for Book Expo American 2008 on Thursday. Click here for what Book Expo is all about. If you are attending, stop by our booth, No. 1211.

Tens of thousands of book industry professionals--librarians, booksellers, authors, media, and so on--together with general book lovers of all stripes and flavors descend on the Los Angeles Convention Center for several days of meetings, rights deals, publicity, learning, freebies, and more. For the uninitiated, Book Expo with its thousands of displays and mountains of new books is . . . overwhelming. So can be the eating and drinking that follow each long day.

This year, in addition to selling foreign, paperback, and audio rights, we will be proudly featuring our Fall 2008 author and title Once a Marine: An Iraq Tank Commander's Inspirational Memoir of Combat, Courage, and Recovery, by Gunny Sgt. Nicholas Popaditch (with Mike Steere). Nick (or Gunny Pop) will be signing hundreds of copies of his book in galley form, meeting with media, and recording interviews.

"Gunny Pop (now known widely as "The Cigar Marine"--Google it) graced the covers of newspapers around the world when an AP photographer captured him in his tank smoking a cigar while protecting the square where Saddam Hussein's statue tumbled into the ash bin of history. On his second tour to Iraq (three if you count the 1991 Gulf War) Nick was critically wounded with an RPG to the head during the second battle of Fallujah in 2004. His is an amazing story, and Once a Marine (compared by some advance readers to Dalton Trumbo's masterful Johnny Got His Gun) captures it magnificently.

We look forward to providing more information on this title very soon.



Colt Foutz said...

Congrats to you, Ted, and to Gunny Pop. And best of luck to the SB crew at the Expo!

Enjoying your wisdom, as usual, in the most recent posts. It's a radical new world, in many ways, but we've got to keep adapting and changing. And trumpeting our love for the written word. Go get 'em!

Colt Foutz, author
Building the Green Machine:
Don Warren and Sixty Years with the
World Champion Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps

NEW in stores July 1. Visit www.cavaliersbook.com

DonH said...

Hello Ted
May not be the correct place for this question, but wanted to get some information regardng a Savas publication. I collect 1st editions and recently was offered a described 1st/1st of BREAKING THE BACKBONE OF THE REBELLION THE FINAL BATTLES OF THE PETERSBURG CAMPAIGN - Greene. I let this get out of print. On the copyright page of the copy I purchased it has
Printing Number
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2
First Edition

Based on this, I do think it is the first edition, but not sure if first printing? I thought U.T. Press recently did a second edition. I guess my bottom line question is did Savas publish more than one printing of first edition?

Is the Rodes biography about ready? I also read somewhere that you were going to announce some new Civil War titles?

Sorry if wrong place to place question, but I wanted to go to the expert.

Don H.

Theodore P. Savas said...

Hi Don (and Colt!)

Thanks for dropping by. Much appreciated.

Wisdom is certainly subjective. I am glad you think something worthwhile is being offered here.

Don, that sounds like a first edition to me, first printing. I can't recall, frankly, whether we reprinted it. I don't have access to those records.

We have many new CW titles coming out, and will list them under a new feature upcoming titles link on our website home page in the near future.

Make sure you subscribe to our monthly e-letter Libri Novus for details. Sign up on the home page.

Thanks again.


Theodore P. Savas said...


We did do a second printing on this, and I must have been half asleep when I answered your question, because the 2 is a dead giveaway. It is a second printing of the first editon. This assumes no mistake was made on the first printing (doubtful), but I don't have a volume here to check. I will do so.