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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Most of our Authors . . .

When I heard the news, I ran a few rough calculations in my head of our own internal sales--and smiled.

Given her high visibility, national prominence, and intense media tour, one would have thought that have Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would have sold a lot more copies of her recently released memoir than a few thousand units. But she hasn't.

So why did I smile? Most (note the bold) of our authors--writers without national fame and prominence writing within a niche--have outsold the Speaker of the House. Some have outsold her many times over. Gary Moore's Playing with the Enemy, Sgt. Michael Volkin's Basic Training Guidebooks, Brad Gottfried's Maps of Gettysburg, Eric Wittenberg's and J.D. Petruzzi's Plenty of Blame to Go Around are just a handful of names.

I am still smiling.


Anonymous said...

Hey - My dad's first season in professional baseball was better than her first season as speaker! So what do you expect?



J David Petruzzi said...

LOL, Gary!

Hhmm. Outselling Ms. Speakernator. Personal milestone for me :-)