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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day

To all our wonderful vets everywhere, dead and alive. I salute you. I have always honored what you do so. And I cannot begin to thank you enough. And I support you AND the mission you are sent on wherever it is. Always.

When asked why he served, one of my favorite Gunny Sergeants answered this way: "I fought thousands of miles from home so your biggest worry is whether your favorite football or baseball team is going to win its next game. When that is your concern, I have done my job and am happy to have done so." Amen . . . and thank you.

Two videos I highly recommend:

Remember me (make you you watch it to the end. It takes a few twists along the way)

The War. Pay special attention to the lyrics.

If you can get through either one all the way without shedding a tear, you have checked your soul somewhere along the way. Trace your steps back and try to find it.

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