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Thursday, December 11, 2008

OT (sort of): Free Markets, and THE BOOK

This article caught my eye, primarily because Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged is one of my three favorite books (I argue with myself about the other two), I am a businessman and entrepreneur, and I think government regulation in almost every way is about as evil as (you choose the adjective).

I heartily encourage you to read this article, Who is to Blame. It shocks me that something this good is in Newsweek (the Economist or Financial Times, sure, but TimeNewsweek??) Two miracles in a single week.

From a publishing perspective, Atlas Shrugged is a giant. It was published more than 50 years ago and has never been out of print. It still sells six figures each year. According to a 1991 Library of Congress report, Atlas Shrugged is second only to the Bible in its influence on readers' lives.

If you have never read Atlas Shrugged, I highly recommend you do.

One of my early college instructors told me it would change my life.

"How," I asked.

"It will confirm who you are, or who you are not."

Intriguing, no?


Anonymous said...

"Who is John Galt?"

Ted Savas in a past life.

Anonymous said...

Great book. We are watching the major threads of Rand's thinking unfold today right before our own eyes. Not hard to identify Mooch and the others from the Dagny Taggerts and Reardon steel types.

Can't see a John Galt out there, though. Hope he comes soon.

Anonymous said...