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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gettysburg Poll Closed

The results were interesting.

QUESTION: If you had one day to visit Gettysburg, and could only visit one area of the park, what would you see?

Day 1: West of Gettysburg: 5 (15%)

Day 1: Oak Hill and north of Gettysburg: 2 (6%)

Day 2: Culp's and Cemetery hills: 5 (15%)

Day 2: Longstreet approach/Peach Orchard-Wheatfield area: 10 (30%)

Day 2: Little Round Top: 5 (15%)

Day 3: Pickett's Charge: 5 (15%)

Day 3: East Cavalry Field: 1 (3%)

Other: 0 (0%)

By a two-to-one margin, the choice was the fighting on the left end of the Union line (Longstreet's approach, Peach Orchard, stony Hill, Rose Farm, Wheatfield, et. al.), with 10 of the 33 votes (30%). Three other locations tied for second with 5 votes each (15%).

Reading question (think about this for a moment): Does how you answered reflect your reading habits? For example, if your answer was "Pickett's Charge," is that also your favorite topic to read about at Gettysburg?

One other question: What are your three favorite books on Gettysburg? If you could only have three in your library, what would they be, and why?

Thanks for participating.



J David Petruzzi said...

My three? Well, besides the three by that Petruzzi guy :) I'd want Coddington, Frassanito, and probably Martin's July 1 book. I'd survive... I'd be longing for my library, but I'd survive.

J.D. Petruzzi

Michael Lynch said...

That's a tough question. With Coddington, you get a good, solid view of the whole thing, so that would definitely be one choice. I'd have to think about what to include for the other two.


Marker Hunter said...

Coddington for sure. Perhaps we should just say that's an automatic pick. Martin's July 1 book is good also. But I'd probably opt for Schildt's "Roads to Gettysburg" for the third.

Brad Forbush said...

I would like to respond to this question. My 3 choices, Coddington, -Haven't read it yet but I have heard from v. reliable sources it is one of the best over-all accounts of the battle.

I read Harry Pfanz; Gettysburg the First Day and enjoyed it. I have not read the Martin Book.

Third choice "The Killer Angels." Michael Shaara.

My fourth choice, would be "One Continuous Battle" because my ancestor participated in that campaign with the horse artillery.

Lance J. Herdegen said...

Without mentioning my obvious choices involving the railroad cut and black hats, Coddington's Gettysburg, Frank Haskell's Battle of Gettysburg, and R.K. Beecham's Gettysburg:The pivotal battle of the Civil War. The latter choice is a quirky little book by a participant that provides insight on how those who fought there looked back on the battle.

Chris Evans said...

The Three books would be:
1)Coddington's wonderful book because he gives a great overview.
2)David Martin's excellent book on July 1 because of the strong detail.
3)Pfanz and his great book on July 2nd on the south end of the battlefield because of the great battle stories it tells
and an honorable mentions of Earl Hess and his great book on Pickett's Charge that contains an excellent detailed account of the charge. And also the 'Killer Angels' because when I first read it the leaders were brought to life in my mind and were not just old photographs from history but flesh and blood men who I could somehow relate to.

Chris Evans said...

I'd like to add one more book that I think is excellent and a worthy read on Gettysburg: 'A Strange and Blighted Land: Gettysburg, The Aftermath of a Battle' by the late Gregory Coco. It really contains the most detailed account of what the aftermath of the battle was like. A horrifying but essential read on Gettysburg.
Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

1. Coddington's Gettysbur. Balanced good overview.

2. Pfanz Day 2--Culp's Hill. Love that part of the field.

3. Last Chance for Victory, Bowden and Ward. This book changed the way I look at Day 2 forever. Now it makes sense to me. Much clearer and larger picture than anything else.

Keith R