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Monday, June 29, 2009

Joined at the Lip: Tagg and Lincoln

I would like to commend to you the well-written and cleverly title article "Joined at the Lip" that appeared this morning in the Sacramento Bee.

The primary subject is about former pop rock musicians-turned-authors Brent Bourgeois and Larry Tagg, and Larry's new book The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln. We are very proud to have published Larry's new book. (Savas Publishing published his first book, The Generals of Gettysburg more than a decade ago--it is still in print.)

If you want a fresh, well-written, and original consideration of the Lincoln presidency, viewed entirely through the prism of his contemporaries, pick up this book. We have a limited supply of signed first edition copies.



Brad Forbush said...

I saw Larry speak in Pasadena last Thursday night & bought the book and started reading it. In my opinion it is a necessary book every fan of Lincoln should have.

Larry Tagg said...

Thanks to Brad--he mentioned then that he was in frequent touch with Ted, and here he is! He and the Pasadena group were delightful.
The Sacramento Bee piece was a well-done article. I particularly like it that the interviewer went in depth enough to phone Ted and get his comments. Thanks, Ted, for posting this.

Larry Tagg