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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nick "Gunny Pop" Popaditch in New York City

Our author Nick Popaditch (Once a Marine) flew into New York at the request of Fox's TV show Red Eye so he could do the entire show with them in studio (Nick has been on 2-3 times via remote). Picture to right has Nick with Greg Gutfeld and the rather attractive columnist/blogger S. E. Cupp. Lucky guy. (Yes, I can say that. This is my blog.)

When he heard he would be in NYC, Dennis Miller invited Nick to spend 30 minutes with him in studio. It was a perfect match and the show was lively and fun.

John Batchelor's popular syndicated radio show (KABC in NYC) also had Nick on, and has since called to invited him back next week.

I don't have the links to these shows yet, but when I get them I will post them here and Sarah will post on Facebook.

Filner's lying stunt with the foreclosure deal is proof his internal polls show a tight race. Nice work Gunny. We are proud of you.



J David Petruzzi said...

Fabulously awesome. Regardless of the election, Gunny is a true American hero. But he's gonna win, and win big :)

Sarah Elizabeth Cupp is indeed a babe. And a conservative babe at that. But I think she's too intelligent to date - she'd probably tell me what I do wrong in bed... and I'd probably fall asleep during all that talking.

J David Petruzzi said...

Sorry - I just realized the words 'conservative babe' are obviously redundant.

Apologies for the bad grammar.

Anonymous said...

I love Dennis M but didnt so much when he had the Monday Night Football gig. Heard Nick Popaditch on with him. It was very interesting. Miller obviously likes this guy and he seems very likeable. I am half way though his book Once a Marine. Amazing story,really. How anyway can go through what he went through and then achieve as he is achieving with almost no sight left in his remaining eye is inspiring though it makes my own whining when my knee hurts pathetic. I am not eaclty of the same political persuasion as Popoditch but I find him honestly refreshing with tremendous real world experience. I would vote for him (but I cant since I live in New Jersey) I did vote for Christy though and have been happy someone is finally trying to change things. If anyone can stand tough and make hard decisions this Marine can. Maybe i will float him a few dollars. Have to find a way to catch the Red Eye show missed that. DAF