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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Forthcoming Title and a Housekeeping Matter (Part 1)

So many of you have been emailing or calling and asking me about what is coming down the pike. I have been meaning for quite some time to mention a few of our forthcoming titles and discuss each at greater depth thereafter. Alas, life has intervened. For that I apologize but won't beg for forgiveness. I shall now take a brief stab at it (and hopefully follow up after the calendar wraps to 2011).

The Gettysburg Encyclopedia, by Brad Gottfried and Theodore P. Savas, editors. Yes, this is still in the works. Click here for an earlier entry that promises much the same thing you are about to read. Today, though, I really mean it. Promise.

The text is at least 95% complete (as are the maps) and simply awaiting editing. The primary holes left to fill are largely in the realm of cavalry operations. (J.D. Petruzzi, however, decided to ride with Jeb Stuart, violate the spirit of his orders, and was last reported heading for Maryland in a red Corvette with bits of  hay flying out the tailpipe and a bridle slapping the side. If you spot him--or read this blog--tell him to phone home or at least send General Lee a comforting dispatch.)

We will post a list of contributors, topics, and much more in January. It will likely be one large volume, but we might publish this in two matching volumes in a 7 x 10 oversize format on 50 or 60-lb. acid free paper, and heavy cloth with a sewn binding. The double-column text will include everything from houses and landmarks to personalities, units, engagements, civilians, terrain features, controversies, weaponry, and much more. All entries will be cross-referenced, as needed. The Gettysburg Encyclopedia will also include full page / full color maps, color photos, and of course a complete bibliography/suggested reading list.

This effort is a true (and expensive) labor of love, and we want it to stand the test of time and functionality.

Watch for a web page soon. If there is something in particular you would like to see on this web page, please send us an email and let us know.

We are leaning toward a first edition boxed set (perhaps signed and numbered with a limited print run)  available only through Savas Beatie. As always, we welcome your thoughts.

Publishing date? Almost certainly late 2011 or early 2012. Yes, we are excited too.

Housecleaning: I have stumbled across a handful of mint new copies of Lost for the Cause: The Confederate Army in 1864, by Steven Newton (Savas Publishing, 1999). This is an outstanding study. Would you like a free copy? When you place an order for ANY book we have in stock, just use LFTC as a coupon code or mention it on the phone, and we will throw one copy in at no charge. As in, no extra dollars. No extra shipping, either. But I think I only have 8 or 10 copies.


Steve Basic said...


:) JD has a silver Corvette, and that car has a mind of its own, especially when am allowed in the passenger seat. :)

Look forward to the release of The Gettysburg Encyclopedia.

Regards from the Garden State,


Anonymous said...

I am SO looking forward to this title, and know it will be worth the wait. Color? I was not expecting that at all. I would be the first in line to reserve a 2-volume box set.



J David Petruzzi said...

Dear Gen. Lee:

I am presently leading my column (I'm not sure where we are, but we keep interviewing civilians). If the general would stop throwing so many orders at me, I might be able to finally fulfill one or two :)

Rest assured I will halt the column, dismount, and find a nice comfy haybale nearby in which to rest and complete my tasks.

Your disobedient servant,
Sgt. J.D. "Shultz" Petruzzi

TPS said...

Sgt. Schultz,

Thank you for your late dispatch.

Get to work.

The General

Anonymous said...

How will it stack up against my Bigelow???? M.D.