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Monday, March 7, 2011

JAXX at Blacksheep: Back-to-Back Gigs (OT)

Don't Worry! Will be back to publishing matters tomorrow. Meanwhile, enjoy the fruits of youth . . . (Not sure about yours, but mine passed way too quickly.) Click on photos to enlarge.

Nikkos Savas out on the dance floor rocking out.
I have to say the past Thursday and Friday evenings were a riot. The first time JAXX played two nights in a row, and two big gigs. Made me feel (almost) young again.
Wish I had a better picture of Jack Petterle on his drum kit. Jack was beating up a storm that night, with the green laser lights cutting through the wisps of fog. Looked and sounded awesome!

Alan Petterle with his new black Les Paul. Alan blew something in his Fender amp that night. Hey Bart! (Alan's dad). Time to buy that matching stack of Marshall amps!
I brought my new Rickenbacker 4003 for Kyle to play (at his request). Here is the old guy himself holding it during warm-ups. Kyle was kind enough to ask if I wanted to light it up with them. I declined. No need to make a fool of myself in public when I can do it in private just fine, thank you. Still, that itch is getting worse . . .
Kyle Maxwell jamming on Uncle Ted's Rick on two special songs: Rush's Necromancer, and UFO's Rock Bottom. Gotta love that unique Rick sound.

Good job lads! I am very proud of all your success. Your achievements are the clear result of all the hard work you put into it. Keep it up!

--Uncle Ted


Anonymous said...

So now it looks like you need to make sure they open for your man Slash, Uncle Ted! I heard you were quite a rocker in your day. When can we see that again?


TPS said...

Well . . . I would love to play again. I am thinking about how to form an old guys band. Hard to find others who want to do that.

These guys keep going they could open for Slash one day.


J David Petruzzi said...

"The Rockin' Ricketies"

I'll be your publicist.

TPS said...

No way JD. We would actually WANT gigs.

J David Petruzzi said...


"Go-Go Geezers"

I like it. We could have Metamucil as a sponsor.