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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some People Are Just . . . . [Fill in the Blank]

We got this email this morning to our customer service box. It speaks for itself:

Boy, I am really tired of Savas pushing back the release of [TITLE] by [AUTHOR]. It was originally scheduled for release a year ago, but, according to Amazon.com, you've changed the date no fewer than 4 times! It better be released this April, as Amazon now lists, or the trade journals will hear. -- Paul

Our reply:

Hi Paul,
Thanks for writing. There was a death in the family, sudden and unexpected. And then the author's wife grew very ill and was hospitalized for an extended length of time. Feel free to take your threats wherever you wish. I am sure that will make the [AUTHOR] family feel just wonderful.

Have a great day.


So let me get this straight: A book is delayed, and without knowing a damn thing about why you threaten the publisher and the author? Yes, Esmeralda, that man wins the jackass award.

But God my friends has a wicked sense of humor and justice and balance, does he not? Right above that nasty email came this one

Hello, SB and crew!

I am eagerly waiting the arrival of two new titles: Tom Clemens' second volume of The Maryland Campaign of 1862 and Cap Beatie's fourth volume of Army of the Potomac.

I just this evening finished Beatie's vol. 3 of Army of the Potomac. Couldn't put it down! I am fighting terminal colon cancer and hope to get these two books read before my time comes.

When will they be released?

Most sincerely,


I wrote back and told this man, who has been a customer for a long time, that I will do whatever I can to see that he gets unedited printed copies ASAP from the authors so he can at least hold them, read them, and enjoy them.




Anonymous said...

OMG!! On both counts. Sigh indeed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ted

After having a chance to meet you in person a few years ago in Colorado, I'm not surprised to hear your offer to your customer.

Don H.

Anonymous said...

You mean 'Publishers are people?'

Whoda thunk it?

Jim Miller said...
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Jim Miller said...

Having worked in the customer service (call center) business for 12 years now,very rarely am I surprized by the depths to which some people will sink.

I commend you on your courteous reply, and on your empathetic response to the 2nd email as well. Well done, and that just goest to show how great an organization you head.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I have met Mr. Savas and Ms. Keeney when they were east visiting Gettysburg. First class people, first class publishing company, and first class books.

The guy who wrote the first email is indeed a jackass, and if you read this blog post you should post a public apology and stand up like a man. As for the second fellow, I hope the doctors are wrong and that you live a long time and enjoy as many books as you like.

Marsden said...

No need for customer rudeness. Of course no reason not to keep the customers informed either. I too pre-ordered in July for a September delivery only to be informed of a delay until February. Then another delay until April/May. Kept checking this website for an explanation, but apparently missed it until now.

TPS said...

Thanks to all of you. 99% of those who pre-order our books we cannot contact or communcate with because we have no idea who they are. In the book world, the only effective way to do this is to change/update the release date feeds picked up by Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. When some customers want more info, they call or email. We are not about to publicly spam everyone about an indentified author's private matters.

Still, finding a way to more effectively communicate a delay is a good idea, and we are examining how best to do that.

I just inquired about a WWII book that has been delayed a couple times. But I didn't threaten the publisher. How the heck do I know what is going on behind the scenes? Honey vs vinegar and all that.

However, I have lived long enough that I no longer suffer fools gladly. So I have no problem calling 'em like I see 'em.


Anonymous said...

Not to belabor a point, but what is this website for if not to inform readers and customers of the availability and status of Savas-Beatie publications.?

TPS said...

We have a newsletter we use on occasion for that purpose, but obviously need to pay more attention to this issue. Thank you.