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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Daily Memo

I often hear this question: "What exactly do you guys do each day?"

I thought about that recently and decided to post "Ted's Daily Memo"--found on the right side of our home page next to our blog links--for a quick hit about what we are engaged in each day. Hope you enjoy it.

Here is today's memo: 

I have edited, developmentally and otherwise, most of our books over the years, but the past couple years have been bringing in other editors. Finding good ones is very hard. I think I have 2-3 solid editors now, which is a real relief and will allow me to grow the company. One of the books I am keeping to edit is Lance Herdegen's The Iron Brigade in the Civil War, his magnum opus soup-to-nuts treatment. This is a stunning lifetime accomplishment with so much no one has ever read (or seen, since Lance has dozens of previously unpublished photos as well). Right now, the Western boys have just finished their first combat as a brigade when Jackson surprised them at Groveton in late August 1862. Stonewall really had an opportunity there--and blew it. --tps


Anonymous said...

"Editors are nothing but failed writers," whined the rejected author.

Shrugged the editor, "So are most writers."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these memos Ted. I love what you are doing, and know you do as well. How fortunate you are that you can turn your hobby and interest into a successful business.

John Hagen