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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Winston Groom's Shiloh--Have you Read It?

Hello all,

Sorry for my absence. After my dive trip to Central America I had hand surgery and am just getting back into it. (And, several posts have disappeared. Weird.)

So . . . all of you know I love the Shiloh Campaign and that we published one of the outstanding books on the battle in Shiloh and the Western Campaign of 1862, by Cunningham and Smith.

I received Groom's latest from his publisher's marketing department and promised I would read and comment on it. I have finished it. I enjoyed it. I am curious how many of you have read it, and what you think of it? It is very different than Cunningham, but then it was intended to be.

-- tps


Anonymous said...

Ted, I finished it a couple months back. A good smooth read, almost like a novel. He is obviously not writing tactical battle material--it is not Larry Daniel or Cunningham, or Wiley Sword. But it is very good, well worth the time, and I think will serve to introduce a wider audience to the subject. Looking forward to hearing what you think.

Hope your hand is ok?


Anonymous said...

Today's readers can find out all about Shiloh in seconds for free. What makes either book worth paying for?

Anonymous said...

Free? I guess you can read a wiki article with general information, and research some individuals etc but usually there is little or no attribution as to sources, you never know what you are getting on a website (has it been vetted?), while it is generally accepted that traditional publishers are competent in that vein. And then their are bibliographies and maps and good notes and . . . Yeah you can look up a lot of stuff, but in this niche--and that is what it is--nothing competes, yet, with a good well crafted and edited book.

Anonymous said...

Excellent points!

But the Internet continues to sharpen and deepen. Its Civil War sites are becoming more reader friendly and dependable. Hardly infallible, but what publisher is?