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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Voting

Thanks for the voting on the early books published by Savas Woodbury. I had a feeling Bradley's Bentonville would take home the gold. Great book. Thanks also for the calls and emails reminiscing about some of the books. I appreciated all of them.

(And yes, I will add a new quiz for the next round of books that appeared--thanks for the suggestion.)



dw said...

I voted for The Campaign for Atlanta (hardcover of vols 1 & 2), because of the subject matter, the Scaife maps, the pretty dust jacket, the great lineup of authors. It's still my favorite, though the Bradley book is a close second.


Theodore P. Savas said...

Hi David,

We had a lot of fun putting that one together, and it is a great book (if I might say so). Wish I had more copies. I only have one.