Which of the new Gettysburg books are you the most interested in reading?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Voting

Thanks for the voting on the early books published by Savas Woodbury. I had a feeling Bradley's Bentonville would take home the gold. Great book. Thanks also for the calls and emails reminiscing about some of the books. I appreciated all of them.

(And yes, I will add a new quiz for the next round of books that appeared--thanks for the suggestion.)



dw said...

I voted for The Campaign for Atlanta (hardcover of vols 1 & 2), because of the subject matter, the Scaife maps, the pretty dust jacket, the great lineup of authors. It's still my favorite, though the Bradley book is a close second.


Theodore P. Savas said...

Hi David,

We had a lot of fun putting that one together, and it is a great book (if I might say so). Wish I had more copies. I only have one.