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Friday, February 1, 2008

Our Move--Complete (Finally)

We are finally ensconced in our new offices, the networked computers net, the wireless printers print, and the phones--well, wait. We have AT&T. So the phones don’t always ring, pick up, or transfer. And unlike Dell Computers, there is no good number for Gold Tech Support.

We only have a handful of lines, and somehow that company can't get them to work properly. We use an outside professional voicemail system, and the phones and lines have to roll over to their number in a small combination of ways. It has taken eleven (yes, two short of a baker's dozen) calls and hours of time to get AT&T to figure out how to make our phones work the way they should.

Some of their customer service representatives barely speak English, others can't figure out how to put repair orders into the queue, and those orders that were properly entered were not done at all, only partially completed, or completely screwed up. Often, one “fix” disabled hours of previous work.

If any of your have had any difficulty leaving a message, or have gotten endless rings or busy tones when you call, rest assured we appreciate your frustration and indeed share it. And we apologize.

Thank God I can drink on premises.

More on publishing. Again.



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