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Friday, September 12, 2008

Gunny Pop Appears at Ground Zero

On September 11, Nick "Gunny Pop" Popaditch appeared with other vets at Ground Zero on the anniversary of the attack against our country by 7th Century death cultists who quickly found themselves in Hell. With the help of Nick and other brave American soldiers and Marines, thousands more have joined them.

After four radio shows (including a great interview on WOR with Rita Cosby), Nick, his wife April, and co-author Mike Steere attended a special book release/signing event in a Penthouse on the 66th Floor of Trump Towers in Manhattan. The Donald showed up to meet Nick, which was very special. That was the only reason he came, and he left immediately thereafter.

Nick and April are flying to Texas today (September 12) for a big event in Dallas.

New York publicist Sandy Frazier attended the September 11th event and captured some great photos (some appear with this post) She prepared a great write-up of the event. She also prepared a superb slide show that is available here.

We hope everyone reading this post will take a moment to forward it to their email address base, link to it, and purchase a book for themselves or a friend (inscribed first editions available at www.onceamarine.com).

Support our vets. They allow the rest of us to live the wonderful free lives we enjoy each day.

Thank you.


J. David Petruzzi said...

Wonderful stuff, and looks like a great day for Gunny! He's truly an American hero and he, along with every other one of our sons, daughters, Moms and Dads in uniform deserve our deepest appreciation.
By the way, Ted, I noticed you capitalized "Penthouse" in your post, when it needn't be. Freudian slip?
J.D. Petruzzi

Anonymous said...

Be VERY careful. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have divided the country, drawing a thin line between honoring our heroes and calling attention to their needs to exploiting one just to sell a book.


Anonymous said...
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Tom OBren said...

You Said; "drawing a thin line between honoring our heroes and calling attention to their needs to exploiting one just to sell a book"??

I'm impressed by your anonymous caution. But let me caution you as well. The country has always been split on matters of great substance. Nothing new there. So many Americans are so very naive about the intentions of the rest of the world. We are lucky to have so many great human beings like The Gunny. They give so much and receive so little in return.

Anonymous said...

Dude Kevin

Are you kidding? Nothing political here. Gunny deserves to sell a million books, and so does this publisher for taking this project on. Maybe they should publish this and not announce it proudly?

I was in Iraq, two tours. Crawl back into your hole. Take it away Gunny. Thanks for your sacrifices, man.

Pete W., USMC, 101st Airborne

Anonymous said...
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TPS said...

As the administrator of this blog, I ask that comments be kept to substantive observations only. I just removed a disgusting comment this morning (but first accidently deleted another, which I reposted. Sorry).

Whether you support the war or not is not the issue of this book, this author, or this publisher. I think a lot of people who read Once a Marine will be very surprised by what they find inside.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I clearly meant no disrepect to the author or the publisher. Be advised, however, as conservative gadfly Ann Coulter once wagged on 9/11 widows, watch out for the liberal side who might take aim at SB.


J David Petruzzi said...

You seem to be giving a lot of advice, Kevin. I truly doubt that Gunny Pop would have found his injuries and experiences as a fair trade for the "chance" to sell a book. My guess is he'd rather be 100% - and maybe even still on the field with his boys - than have reason to write a book anyday.

We have damn few heroes today. The media constantly confuses heroes with celebrities - guys who hit a ball out of the park are not heroes; TV actors/actresses are not heroes just by nature of their career. Heroes are those who are willing to give all they have for the freedom of another; and so often those who do not appreciate it.

I have a cousin who is a Lt. in the Air Force. He flew hundreds of missions in the first Gulf War and presently serves. He's told me many times that he fights in order to preserve the freedoms we have back home - and even that freedom for folks to criticize him for what he does. A fellow American can thank him or hate him; what matters to him is that the comrade is alive to do either.

Gunny Pop is a hero. He's the rare unselfish, all-giving fighter. His story inspires and is just as important as the story of any hero in our history. It deserves to be told in order to inspire both the fighting spirit AND the spirit to have peace.

There's lots of Michael Moore Kool-Aid out there, Kevin. Be careful it doesn't spill into your beer. The taste gets pretty awful after a while.

J.D. Petruzzi