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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lightning (err, Stupid) Strikes Again

Folks, you can't make this stuff up. Recall this post, where I mentioned an author who sent an unsolicited 15-meg file to us, clogged our email box, and then did it a second time.

I replied by email the second time this happened, thanking him for his military service, but telling him that jamming our system with an unsolicited giant manuscript is about as dumb a thing as a potential author can do; it does not follow our (or likely anyone's) submission guidelines, and it will never help him get published. I pointedly asked him to STOP doing that.

Here is his reply today via email:

No other publisher/agency has this kind of problem. Suggest you learn more about the internet and talk with your ISP.

Am not interested in reading your damn blog nor am I interested in dealing with you. How can you call me names and you are wrong. I will get published (I have two houses interested) even though the lead time is years...2015. And I have the Navy contacts.

So you can KMA, you arrogant and rude SOB.

Capt. J. L. S.
USN (Ret)

Any publishers out there that would like to work with this respectful, helpful, friendly, and cooperative author? Hello? Anyone out there?

I didn't think so.



Anonymous said...

Mr. Savas

If I did not know you (or at least have had long-standing dealings with you), I would think you are making this up! How could anyone talk to another like this, especially someone like you who knows so many people in the military publishing arena? You could have helped this man get published. And what happens when Naval Institute Press, or some other outfit that publishes naval books sees how he responded to you!

Seems this former Captain just voluntarily tied an anchor around his leg and jumped ship. Glad he was not my commanding officer when I was in the Navy way back when.

Jonathan R.

Anonymous said...

A Navy Captain---("Pass the marbles, Queeg!")the contest tps should have to make up a name for this guy's ship.

Be advised however, that too many publishers are often in the same boat.

Anonymous said...


I can't believe you called him out by name. When you google him now, the third link that pops up is his comment to your blog and "Rude SOB" mention. Ah - the joys of the internet.

For you that don't know the Navy rank structure, he is the equivalent of a Colonel in the Marines, Air Force, and Army. He probably isn't use to someone telling him he's wrong. But did you call HIM dumb or his action?

Here is a link to his website so everyone can see who he is. To his credit though, he has served his country honorably, worked with Habitat for Humanity, a Youth Ranch Board, and written a course that's taught at the Pentagon and the US Naval Academy.


Anonymous said...

I agree, tps. Mentioning his name was unnecessary.

But the Cap's missive was telling. He's got a publisher with a 6-year 'lead time'? We should all live so long.

Two other houses 'interested.' In this biz, you either have a contract or talk. He's got talk.

And the incomplete KMA acronym: In full, it's KMAGYO-YO. ("Group, you're on your own.")

Sure glad he has 'Navy Contacts.'

Anonymous said...

I don't see a problem with mention this guy's name (I only see initials though) if only to warn other publishers to stay away from this moron. Who cares what his rank is. The man has no manners whatsoever.

Good work Ted. This bum deserves it, no matter how good his work may or may not be.


Anonymous said...

The good captain is a prime example of 'Baby Boomers' who have led successful, highly qualified lives and believe that their impressive resumes are worthy of a book.

Problem is, the captain and so many others lack that metaphoric moment in their lives a story can be built around.

"I am who I am and I know what I know," is not enough. Where are you going and what are you dying to find out?

Take us to a place we've never been and tell us a new truth and we just might want to go with you.

Anonymous said...

TPS did write his name and then retracted.

Good call.

But look above, someone left a link to this CPT's website. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Well, in the interest of covering the "internet" part of this, if your email provider can't handle a 15 MB attachment, you do have some issues. That should be more than standard fare these days and if you're on a mail-server or mail-host that can't handle that ... you might want to consider an upgrade.

Anonymous said...


Not necessarily. Large files like that can time out depending upon server issues, and it can overflow boxes. Come on, it is terrible form to send anything remotely that size to anyone unsolicited. There is no defense. It is plain stupid.