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Friday, March 6, 2009

Successful? No. Stupid? . . . The Ongoing Saga

On the last day of January 09, I wrote a column called Stupid? Yes. Successful? You be the Judge.

Publishers around the world are shedding authors and contracted manuscripts as fast as my 13-year-old son can open the refrigerator and wolf down anything within grabbing range. So it is not that surprising that our email and snail mail is jammed with these authors who are seeking another home for their work.

This morning I received an email from our web mail administrator that our Editorial mailbox had exceeded its capacity. When I checked the mail, imagine my good cheer when I discovered that an author with a manuscript called "Citizen Sailors" had sent an unsolicited 15-meg file to us.

I deleted it without even opening the email. If you are a regular reader of this column, you know why. If you don't read this column and can't figure it out, I can't help you.

I will be returning to the discussion of manuscript submissions and the creation of books Monday.

Have a nice weekend.



Anonymous said...

What so few authors finally, FINALLY understand is that a submission, whether a query or solicited manuscript is virtually a job application.

Been in the biz long enough to get four 'applications' with the title

Talk about 'Duh!'

J David Petruzzi said...

Yikes, Ted. The "inability" of some folks to follow instructions is hard to believe.

BTW, just delete that 20mg file I sent a few moments ago called "Harry Potter - the Next Generation." I accidentally hit the send button. Didn't mean to. Really.


Anonymous said...

It is not 'inability' to follow publishers' instructions that cause authors to submit their work against posted procedure, but so caught up in the 'incredible quality and marketability' of their manuscript that they become convinced they can override the instructions given everyone else.

As you read this, the 'Citizen Sailors' author who sent tps that
unsolicited 15-meg file is waiting outside his house, looking up and down the road.

Is SavasBeatie going to send a limo or what?