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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Poll Question Response

QUESTION: What Western Campaign Should We Cover in the Next Savas Beatie Military Atlas Series?

Here is how the responses broke down:

Shiloh 5 (26%)

Chattanooga-Knoxville 3 (15%)

Atlanta Campaign 7 (36%)

Kentucky Campaign 4 (21%)

A half-dozen more called or emailed for other reasons, mentioned the poll, that they hadn't yet voted (and then told me how they would vote). I did not include them. And I did not vote, nor did anyone who works here (as far as I know).

I was surprised the result was spread as evenly as it was, but I was not surprised that the Atlanta Campaign triumphed. There has always been much more interest in that campaign than the scholarship reflects. I also believe that Russell Bonds' new and outstanding book War Like the Thunderbolt will increase that interest. (I don't say this about many books, but that is one I wish we had published.)

We will take all this under advisement.

Just to reiterate, here are the first three volumes in this series:

The Maps of Gettysburg, by Bradley Gottfried (text and cartography)

The Maps of First Bull Run, by Bradley Gottfried (text and cartography)

The Maps of Chickamauga, by David Powell (text) and David Friedrichs (cartography)

Dr. Gottfried is currently at work on The Maps of the Maryland Campaign.


Anonymous said...

I have both of Gottfired's map studies (two of the Gettysburg books, one for the field and one for home). The color Bull Run is very nice. Color is a a big enhancement and although it is a much shorter book and 35 bucks it was worht it because the materials are of a superior quality and the amount of information on the maps is staggering really. I am about to order Chickamauga. I have less of an interest in the western theatre than the east, but I am beginning to become more interesting. I voted for a Maps of Atlanta in your poll because that is the operation that is the most interesting to me. I will read Bonds book based upon your suggestion. Glad to hear Dr. G is working on Antietam. This is i think the most important series of civil War books underway. If you finish something this monumental on most of the war . . . wow. Hat's off. I don't know any other company that would even try it,.


Anonymous said...

Got em all and will buy them all. Just can't wait for the day when I have 15 of these on my bookshelf. How about the trans-mississippi?