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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ted Savas Radio Interview: All About Publishing

Many people ask me questions about publishing in general, and Savas Beatie in particular. How do you do this? How do you decide that? Why did you publish so and so? Are you moving into Current Events? What do you think about the Google settlement? The list is long and varied and, unfortunately, the time to answer them is always limited.

Last week, Mike Noirot, webmaster extraordinaire of This Mighty Scourge, was kind enough to want to take the time and trouble to interview me about all things publishing. Certainly I appreciated the offer.

A few days ago, Mike posted 13 radio clips on his site, broken down largely by the topic of discussion. If you want to know more about publishing, book acquisition, working with authors, and everything except the skeletons in our closets, have a listen here.

PHOTO: A shot inside the belly of the beast, from left to right: Sarah Keeney (marketing director), Veronica Kane (account manager), and Nick "Gunny Pop" Popaditch, author of Once a Marine, signing books earlier this year in our office in El Dorado Hills.


J David Petruzzi said...

I want to hear about the skeletons.

I'll give a listen - sounds fascinating!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Savas
Thank you for sharing your insights with us. You answered a few things I had wondered about for a while. I love your books and it sounds like your company would be a fun place to work. How interesting it must be to be able to pick and choose books like you publish and then see them on the shelves and witness the enjoyment people get from them. Makes my day job (banking) seem rather pointless. I buy your books at a park close to my house, on your website, or at stores. Never from Amazon or at a steep discount. I think paying a few dollars more for a good book, and keeping the best independent publisher in business is well worth the tradeoff.

Brian T