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Monday, January 25, 2010

Had 'Em, Let 'Em Up.

Well, with five turnovers it is tough to win, and yet we took the game to overtime. And could have won it in regulation several times. Did not close the deal, so  . . . they go to Miami and the Vikings (5 NFC Championship games in a row for them over 35 years) . . . go home.

I am getting used to this.



Anonymous said...

The Vikes rolled up 475 yards.

Peyton Manning does anywhere near that they'll be no need to worry about OT.


Chris Evans said...

I was glad to see the Saints finally after 43 years of frustration get to the Super Bowl.

The Favre saga will play out until August or September. The

The Saints in the Super Bowl can win if they can play better than they did against the Vikings. No one in before the Super Bowl thought the Jets could beat the Colts, the Patriots beat the Rams, and the Giants beat the Patriots. There can be an upset. For Vikings and Favre fans I guess it was like what Lee said after Gettysburg, "Too bad! Too bad! OH! TOO BAD!".

Joel Manuel said...

We Saints fans down here have been suffering similar fates for over 40 yrs (or, in my case, for precisely 30 seasons, since the 1-15 "Aints" campaign in 1980). Like Brees said, "maybe it's our time." Won't be easy against the Colts, though.

Joel Manuel
Baton Rouge LA