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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reader Feedback on e-Book Pricing

A reader to a different blog commented thusly:

Kelly said (in part): I think you may be missing the biggest price point issue for consumers — the price of the mass market paperback. Publishers need to give readers a reason to pay more for an e-book.
Well worth reading the reply. Click here to do so.



Anonymous said...

So much 'e' for free. You want I should buy...a BOOK?


MDS said...

Have any retailers or publishers considered bundling a hardback with the e-version for one price? I know I personally could see wanting the hard copy for reading at home and for displaying in my library, but then have the option of transferring my attention to the ebook when traveling or to search through the text.

TPS said...


That is an interesting idea. We are toying with a variety of bundling concepts but have not yet implemented them.