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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Schooled" by Another Clueless "Aurthor"

I haven't posted on this subject for a while because I have not experienced any real odd balls recently in this department. Is there a full moon out there?

John Smith (not his real name) submitted a manuscript proposal via our website, and followed most of the instructions as set forth.

The idea was not at all what we are looking for, and I rejected it--kindly, of course, with some additional information that might help him publish it elsewhere. That is what I always do. I try to help authors (and everyone, frankly) as best as I am able.

He shot back an email: "Mr. Savas, are you kidding? You are turning down a project like this? Maybe you were replying to someone else, and this is a mistake. Please check your records and get back to me!!!"

I made it clear in a return email I was rejecting his manuscript and wished him well.

He called. I thought the name sounded familiar and I took the call. (I need a better memory.) Below is what transpired, to the best of my ability to reconstruct it.

JS: This is Savas? You rejected me yesterday? I sent the manuscript about XXX."

TPS (inaudible groan): Yes, it's me, and your submission does not offer us what we are seeking. I sent quite a long email with other suggestions. I suggest---

JS: Do you realize what a magnificent opportunity you are turning down?

TPS: I suggest you read my email, and see if there is--

JS: Do you have the manuscript proposal there in front of you? Let's go through it together! I think you are making a big mistake!

TPS:  . . . and see if there is anything that can help you, Mr. Smith. I am afraid I don't have the time to continue talking about this, but I ---

JS: And I have heard you guys are author-friendly! What a joke. Fine, I will take it elsewhere and you will be sorry when it wins about 10 awards!

TPS: ...but I hope my email provides you with some assistance. . .
[slammed phone]




Anonymous said...

i love it when you post things like this.


Anonymous said...

Gee, Teddy, such a hard act to follow.

If this guy's book only wins nine awards, his call should clinch a tenth.


Anonymous said...

'And in the OOPS department...'

What's an 'Aurthor'?


Anonymous said...

someone took the time to point out a spelling error on a blog? as my 13 year old daughter might say, WOW.

2 much tyme on ur handz dude