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Monday, December 12, 2011

As Kindle Fire Faces Critics, Remedies Are Promised

“I feel the Fire is going to be a failure,” Mr. Nielsen, of the Nielsen Norman Group, a Silicon Valley consulting firm, said in an interview. “I can’t recommend buying it.”

The Amazon Kindle Fire is going to find a place next to the Apple Newton and New Coke in the junkyard of history's failures? I doubt it. But . . . time will tell.

Click HERE to read the entire story (which you will enjoy if you are into these sort of things, and all readers should be).

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Anonymous said...

"We are entering the 'Age of Equalization' which, like a forgotten borrowed book, is long overdue. With technology in hand, individuals, young and old, rich and poor, healthy and sick, free or enslaved, elated or outraged, can tell the world, show the world in an instant, how it feels to be in their shoes."

Those who would judge FIRE or NOOK as finished products fail to understand that, like the Wright Brothers' 'Flyer', the quest has just begun.

"He who demands the future, COMMANDS the future!"