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Sunday, May 25, 2014

WINNER of the 2014 Albert Castel Book Award: Stephen Hood's "John Bell Hood: The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of a Confederate General"

Congratulations, Sam. It is nice to see these reviewers read the book and understood its purpose.

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The Kalamazoo Civil War Round Table is pleased to announce that Stephen M. Hood's "John Bell Hood: The Rise, Fall and Resurrection of a Confederate General" has been selected as the winner of the 2014 Albert Castel Book Award! This award is made on a biennial basis to the author of an exceptional book on the Civil War in the Western Theater.

“I knew we had a very special book from the moment I first read the manuscript, but all of us at Savas Beatie are thrilled and humbled that 'John Bell Hood' won such a prestigious award,” said Theodore P. Savas, the managing director for Savas Beatie. “We were always confident that anyone who actually took the time to read Stephen Hood's book, whether in reviewing it or for pleasure, would find it original, well-researched, and truly ground-breaking in what it exposes about the state of this slice of Civil War historiography. It surprises people, I think, when they find out Sam's work is not an argument that Hood was the overlooked Jackson or Lee,” continued Savas. “It is about intellectual honesty and rigorous scholarship, and a cautionary tale about both. Anyone writing about General Hood or his tenure with the Army of Tennessee in the future who ignores this book and/or his recently discovered personal papers will do so at his peril.”

See more about this award-winning book here:


“Sam Hood makes a compelling case that Hood’s reputation has been unjustifiably tarnished over the years by authors who have repeated half-truths and myths that are not supported by primary sources. Even people with little or no interest in Hood should read it as a cautionary tale that the things that ‘everybody knows’ are not always true.” –Dave Jordan

Receiving honorable mention is "General Grant and the Rewriting of History: How the Destruction of William S. Rosecrans Influenced our Understanding of the Civil War" by Frank Varney. Read more here: http://tinyurl.com/c889m3o

Mr. Hood will receive the 2014 award on September 19th. The meeting will begin at 7:30 pm, at Westwood United Methodist Church, 538 Nichols Road, Kalamazoo, MI and will be open to the general public. Refreshments will be offered, beginning at 7:00 pm.


Anonymous said...

Fully deserving. I am waiting for all the bloggers and one in particular to walk back some of their more asinine attacks against the book they never read, the author, and the publisher who was right all along.


Anonymous said...

This comes as no surprise to me. I think it is the most important book I have read on the writing of military history in 20 years and I am not kidding about that. Nice work.