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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why do we Write? Well, Not for Money.

Please excuse my long absence. It has been a busy year, with my son graduating and getting ready for college (he leaves in 2.5 weeks), band gigs, crazy summer schedules, a marketing director out on maternity leave, and all the rest.

Here is a fascinating article, offered up by Mark Hughes, the author of our bestselling The Civil War Handbook. Write for posterity, because you have to, for fun, or to impress your in-laws. But never, ever, plan to do so for money. Same goes for publishing. But once you have the virus. Ah. Well.

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Chris Mackowski said...

The great guitarist John Lee Hooker was once asked why he plays the blues. His answer is as close to explaining my own need to write as I have ever found: "It's in me and it gots to get out."

I pose your question to my freshmen at the beginning of every fall semester, and then I challenge them to give it some real thought. Figure out why you want to be a writer, I tell them, because it is NOT an easy calling (and if you don't feel it as a calling, find something else to do).