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Thursday, February 28, 2008

On Tour in Northern Louisiana

I am sitting in a computer lab in the Dubach, Louisiana, high school talking with Coach Matt Willis. Author Gary Moore is next door speaking to a group of 6th graders. It is his fourth talk of the day--fifth if you include our 6:15 a.m. TV session in Monroe, LA (we had to get up at4:15 a.m. to make it; Gary overslept because Sarah forgot to call!). The tour thus far has been absolutely amazing, thanks in large part to the good work of our marketing director Sarah Keeney, and Gary's indefatigable support of his book.

When I fly back to California tomorrow, I intend to blog about this tour--and demonstrate again what authors who want to sell boatloads of books and make important connections that help sell more books can and should be doing.



Don said...


Get some crawfish before you head back! There's a Landry's (just down the street from the Barnes & Noble in Bossier City if that's one of your stops) that has excellent food.


Theodore P. Savas said...

Hi Don

As a matter of fact, we did eat at a great place in Ruston, where I tried a plate of crawfish etouffee. It was wonderful. Dr. Terry Jones, an outstanding Civil War historian (Lee's Tigers), invited us to his home the next night, where we feasted on his homemade crawfish chowder.

Can't beat Louisiana cooking.