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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Maps, and More Maps

The last poll question I asked was this: "Which major Civil War campaign is most deserving of a new major map atlas?" The result was interesting.

Fifty-three individuals voted, which is a fairly significant number in my estimation.

I was convinced the Maryland Campaign would win pulling away. I was wrong. Here are the results:

Maryland: 13 (24%)

Atlanta 12 (22%)

Shiloh 5 (9%)

Petersburg 23 (43%)

Now, what does this mean?


Steve Basic said...


In terms of the Maryland Campaign, it's a lot easier to follow than the Petersburg Campign. Plus the Petersburg Campaign had so much going on as it continued.

Hope all is well.

Regards from the Garden State,

Steve Basic

TPS said...

Hello Steve

I think you are right. Petersburg is a large, sprawling affair that has yet to be covered well, deeply. Thanks for your input. I look forward to more.


Brett Schulte said...


It means I expect a map study of the Petersburg Campaign from Savas Beatie by early next year! ;-)