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Friday, February 27, 2009

Current Events . . .(OT)

I am in the business of publishing books. I hire people. I pay taxes. My employees pay taxes. My independent contractors pay taxes. I buy truckloads of paper, cloth, and ink. I want to hire more people who will feed their families and in turn, pay more taxes.

I cannot. It is nearly impossible to keep up with the regulations, laws, restrictions, and obstacles the mooches who suck on the public tit place in front of me.

Sadly, the Marxists who have largely run my state of California into the ground, and the politicians in DC who are doing the same thing to our country, are making it harder and harder to hire people, buy equipment, save money, or build a business. But that is not surprising when you realize that 80 out of 100 federal Senators have never worked in the private sector, and not a member of the President's new cabinet, to the best of my knowledge, hails from private enterprise.

Think about that a moment.

Current events remind me of this brief exchange on free markets from the 1970s, when Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman slapped down the embarrassingly naive Phil Donahue with logic our high schoolers used to carry around in their hip pocket.



dw said...


I think a couple of them at least started out in the private sector. Vilsack worked in a small town law firm (Mt. Pleasant) prior to his first political gig as mayor. Salazar started a private law practice after college.

And don't forget, Hillary worked for the Rose Law Firm!


Anonymous said...

Consider the technology now in the 'hip pockets of high schoolers' and understand what 'used to be' is long gone.

'What will they think of next?' is 20th Century thinking. In 21st Century publishing, the question is 'Who will be the next to go?'

'What will YOU think of next?' will decide the future of Savas Beatie.

"He who demands the future, COMMANDS the future!"

TMW Writer

Anonymous said...

Actually I think Hillary (Sec of State) has some private sector experience in law, but your overall point is well taken. People are making regulations and laws that sound good in theory but cripple us in practice. I hope your company thrives. I enjoy all your books.

Anonymous said...

While lawyers can be considered private enterprise, I'm not sure they should count in this case. Isn't the legal profession the most prevalent amongst Congress? That alone says something.

Anonymous said...

Harry Truman worked in the private sector; his haberdashery was a total failure. His presidency was the opposite.

Anonymous said...

I don't think practicing law counts unless you hire the people, and have your own money, sweat, etc at risk. hillary never did. I think the criteria for private sector is starting your own company and running it under the f***ed up regulations and tax laws the a******les in washington foist upon us. Glad some 17 states are now writing laws using the 10th Amendment to tell the feds to go diddle themselves.


Anonymous said...

I believe Harry S had the lowest approval rating of any exiting president. Yep, even lower than you-know-who's.