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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This Year I Will Buy . . .

Our small poll on projected book buying for 2009, worth less than the price of a cup of 1971 bad coffee at Shill's Maidright in Mason City, Iowa, triggered 21 votes. It broke down like this:

More books than in 2008: 7 (33%)

Fewer books than in 2008: 3 (14%)

About the same number: 10 (47%)

I am not in a position to know yet: 1 (4%)

So 17 of 21 will buy the same number or more books. We like that and hope the projection holds.



Anonymous said...

I take mine black.

For ALL publishers, struggling and paring the sugar and cream from the process, the trick will be to stay out of the red.

Anonymous said...

"Predictions are hard," said Yogi Berra. "Especially about the future."

Pass the coffee.