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Monday, June 7, 2010

Authors Take Note: Part 2

Recall that in my last post about "Scott," I emailed him with a few options on how to proceed back on May 10. One of the choices was to shred his manuscript. Of course, I did not get even the courtesy of a reply.

Today, nearly one month later, I received a SASE for the return of his "manuscript." Were the enclosed instructions a carefully composed letter thanking us for our time and trouble?


Did it say I am sorry I can't send you what you need to evaluate the manuscript at this time?


Instead, it was a sheet of blank paper with a hand-scribbled note that read: "Please return the XXX manuscript priority mail. Thank you."

Handwritten. No "Dear Publisher," or "Dear Mr. Savas," or whatever else would suit the occasion. He did not even sign it.

I won't even tell you what I scribbled back across the bottom.

Authors--please do not emulate this person's social skills when asking to have sometime take hours and evaluate your work.



Anonymous said...

Remember getting a completely unpublishable mnuscript, but taking the time and effort to show the writer how he might find the story he wanted to tell.

More important: send back HIS manuscript, HIS work, HIS words.

Understand: once the words are down, they belong to the raeder as much as the writer.

If it's all about YOU, you see the SASE again with a form letter.


poppie_1138 said...

This guy is not serious about publishing anything. I sent a manuscript to Savas Beatie formally and politely and even though the Iraq market is a bit flooded these days TPS was very polite and helpful, so I don't know why this guys is so abrupt in in communication?