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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What do Manuscript Submissions and Iron Maiden Have in Common?

A very interesting take on this "relationship" from a reader (hat tip to Kevin). Agents and authors, take note. As an acquisitions gatekeeper, I can testify that his observation has substantial merit.


"It's got a good beat and I think I can dance to it," used to be the American Bandstand review.

But Savas says, "The vast majority of their songs are about historical events--battles, wars, explorations, philosophy, and so forth."

Indelibility becomes Metaphor = TRUTH. With their very first note, Maiden delivers 'Indelibility'.

So must a manuscript.

"It's very well written and thoroughly researched," is American Bandstand's way of thinking.

Maiden doesn't riff through a couple of songs before going where only they can go. Right off, from the first note, they take you to their THERE.

A manuscript must do the same.

"What's INDELIBLE about your proposal?" is THE question to ask.

The answer begins at Word One.

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