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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Voting

Thanks for the voting on the early books published by Savas Woodbury. I had a feeling Bradley's Bentonville would take home the gold. Great book. Thanks also for the calls and emails reminiscing about some of the books. I appreciated all of them.

(And yes, I will add a new quiz for the next round of books that appeared--thanks for the suggestion.)


Relative Silence during the Big Move

Pardon my failure to post recently. We have been engaged in a rather complex move and expansion to a new office. Little has gone as expected (or hoped): AT&T ineptitude in wiring a new office; delays in furniture delivery; a fried motherboard on a primary computer; AT&T ineptitude in wiring a new office; a new system voicemail infested with more gremlins than a Steven Spielberg movie; a storm that knocked out power for a couple days; AT&T ineptitude in wiring a new office--and more.

Did I also mention AT&T's ineptitude in wiring a new office?

Still, we are excited about our new location, which will also house a new employee (admin/marketing) and double our previous work space. We hope to be in and working full time here by January 19.

Casting my eyes about as I sit here wiring the systems and testing the hardware, I see takeout boxes of Chinese food here and there, a couple pizza boxes (mostly empty) strewn about, and a Togo's sandwich wrapper on the new conference table. (Better clean up before Mrs. Savas drops by for a visit.)

The mess and long hours remind me of my early days in the law practice in Silicon Valley, and then again a few years later working next door to a suite of Internet server geeks. We shared a lot of meals at midnight, and I even crashed a few times on the cots they had in the back room. They ended up selling out for about $30,000,000. I, on the other hand, am still working. I knew I should have jettisoned my suit for sandals and a pony tail in the 1990s.


If you are in the Sacramento area, please feel free to drop in for a visit. Our new offices are at 989 Governor Drive, Suite 102, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. Google us and stop by for a cup of so-so coffee but lots of great talk about history and books.