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Monday, May 17, 2010

OT: My New Favorite Slew of Songs (Slash's New Effort)

Those of you who know me know I enjoy good heavy rock, with Iron Maiden at the top of that list (I will see them again June 20 at the Concord Pavilion with my son and brother and his son).

A musician I never fully appreciated is Saul Hudson (i.e., Slash), the former guitarist for Guns N Roses. His former band Velvet Revolver did some good work, but his new solo effort is outstanding, with each song featuring a different lead singer. (Hat tip to my brother Ants, who has been pummeling me with Slash's music for a few years now.) Some of Slash's new songs are hard rock, some blues, some instrumental. Here are three very different songs. Listen to each one twice (click the title to get to Youtube), and you will be hooked.
1) Starlight (featuring Myles Kennedy--best singer on this collection; his range during the chorus is amazing. Myles was selected as lead vocalist for Slash's tour this year.)

2) I Hold On (featuring Kid Rock, who sounds a lot like Rod Stewart here.)

3) Beautiful Dangerous (featuring Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas--a band I cannot stand and would not see if they paid me to attend; didn't know she could actually sing. She can perform this sort of soulful rock at this level, and chooses to stand a look like a fool with BEP?)

A prior Slash musical act, Snakepit, produced some outstanding music as well. Here are two songs:

1) Serial Killer (listen carefully to the words, and the guitar solo--hauntingly good . . .)

2) Landslide (takes a few earfuls, but it catches on.)


Anonymous said...

Another closet Slash fan! His personal life was nothing to rage about but he is one heck of a musician.


ralph said...

The best songs r ghost, the one he did with chris cornell..forget name of it, and saint is a sinner too and gotten. The ones u mentioned suck as does most of slashs latest record apocalypse now. I love the guy n his playing...but he needs more inspiration. Miles Kennedys voice has no balls.

TPS said...

Ralph--thanks for stopping by. Love all the songs you mentioned. Promise is the song by Cornell. I think his new stuff is not quite as strong, but I think there are a lot of good songs on it. Have you heard Slash live with Miles? Just have to disagree about his voice. He brings it, and he can sing the old GnR songs too, which is a real feat. Check them live if you have not caught them yet. Well worth it. Will see him third time with Miles in October. Peace.