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Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Civil War Generals Arrive

My son DT has two adult Bearded Dragons (Zeus and Lady Elizabeth). He rescued them from an acquaintance when they tired of them and essentially left them to die. Elizabeth laid a clutch of 14 eggs a few months ago, so we built an incubator, etc. but unfortunately they rotted, one by one. She laid another batch 45 days later, and this time they all were well formed, and grew large (they are very soft and leathery, off white, and oval).

Carol and DT purchased a new aquarium setting, lights, etc. to be properly prepared. They take 60 days to hatch.

The eggs deflate right before they babies hatch (some people see this and throw them out thinking they are bad). Then, within an hour or two, the dragons emerge bit by bit until . . . they emerge completely. Babies are about 3" long.

Yesterday a strong little beast emerged. Two more quickly followed. The next one was trapped inside his shell a bit, fought the good fight, but was defeated.

We named the first one Longstreet, the second one Lee, the third one Grant, and the fourth beardie (who was unsuccessful) . . . Bragg.

If your kids want fun, good tempered, very friendly, and relatively easy reptiles, I can recommend Bearded Dragons (full grown about 18 inches).

We are only keeping one--hopefully Longstreet!--and DT has an arrangement to sell the others for $20-25 apiece to a local store. I think he is finally understanding how the free market works. (Now, if only our . . . OK, I will stop.)



Amy said...

How cool! :-D

Anonymous said...

Poor Braxton Bragg! LOL

I love Beardies. We have one, he is four. These make great pets. They take some care, but not that much. My wife even takes "Mr. T" on walks, and suns him on the deck out back yard. He is nearly 20 inches long.

Scott Runyon