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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Take the American Civics' Quiz

Think you know general high school-level civics?

Take the American Civics quiz.

No need to register. It will grade your score, tell you the average score, and point out which questions you missed. Share your scores if you dare, and which you missed.

I missed one question out of 30. Ironically, it was (I think) #27 about the free market system--the love of my life beyond the lovely Mrs. Savas.

Have at it.



Jim Schmidt said...

Ted - Thanks for the link to the quiz...I didn't do as well as you...missed just 3, though, and - interestingly - all 3 had to do with fiscal/economic matters.

Best Regards,

Jim Schmidt

Nick said...

That was fun. I missed one, the wall of seperation from Jefferson's letters.

Anonymous said...

I found your website while searching for Revolutionary War books, and then found the link to your blog. Lots of interest here.

On the quiz . . .My wife missed one as well, I missed three. Both our kids took it (17, 15). Both homeschooled most of their lives. We focus a lot on government, history, "civics," and reading/writing. My daughter missed two questions, and my son four. I guess they are pretty well educated in this area.

Thanks for posting this.

Raymond and Sherry

Mark Hughes said...


A good test. I will pass it on to my students when classes start next week. I also missed one. I just misread it (or that’s my excuse).

Mark Hughes
Author – the new Civil War Handbook

Phil LeDuc said...

Nuts - missed one - #29. Should have thought about it more carefully.

Thanks for the pointing this quiz out. Now I'll have my kids take it, and hope for the best.

Mark Wilensky said...

I missed two, but I think that question 33 is written a bit poorly. I have no excuse for the other.

Mark Wilensky
author of,
The Elementary Common Sense of Thomas Paine; An Interactive Adaptation for all Ages.

Harry said...

I missed two - should have known FDR would try something sneaky like that, and for some reason I thought the "wall of separation" was in the Mayflower Compact.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I missed two: #'s 27 & 33, though I think my answers were better!

Mark Bledsoe said...

Thanks for the link, I missed one, #33